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westgate networksFor 2020 and beyond there will be a seismic shift in computer networking.  Your network service specialist must understand networking technology and associated next generation management tools, and then assess whether they can be applied to the benefit of their client’s networks.


Additional issues can also arise in network-intensive businesses and more mature domestic consumers, both of whom are moving their data and IT services into the cloud.  At Westgate Networks, we therefore understand the need to manage data more efficiently.


By recognizing the shifting demands placed on network capacity by timeframe and location, Westgate Networks dramatically improves its client’s ability to efficiently manage capacity, expanding it to match actual demands, rather than more generic capacity needs. But this requires a detailed routing framework, which is where the experience and technical abilities at Westgate Networks will prove to provide our clients with the best and most modern solutions in Boston.


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Commercial Network Solutions

Managing your network is critical

doing it securely, reliably and efficiently will insure your network is thoroughly protected.

A Data center is a lot more than a switch and a server these days and must now include the network, storage, applications, servers, computers and security. By properly aligning these components we can ensure increased uptime and availability, more efficient power, consolidation, virtualization, cloud computing and much more.

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Networking Your Employees

Wide area networks are becoming even more important.

As a modern business, you know the computer and networking landscape changes every day.  More commercial and business structure is spreading to remote locations.  Your business needs to be ready to accomodate more diverse wide area networking.

If your business has been operating primarily via LAN systems, or you have limited experience with WAN and you’re infrastructure is expanding, give Westgate Networks a call for a free consultation and to learn which key aspects of the changing landscape we can help you with.

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IT & Networking for Business

Business networks are going through a global modernization stratagy.  As technologists modernize their IT infrastructure, they face a host of obstacles, including legacy infrastructure, poor system integration and teams whose programming skills aren’t up to snuff.  To create a modern and responsive infrastructure, IT teams have virtualized data center infrastructure, from servers to storage to networking. Combined with analytics, virtualization helps the network stand up to new demands.  I can help you with that.

Routing & Switching

When building a new business network, or expanding your present system, knowledge of the various protocols, such as RIP, IGRP, OSPF, EIGRP and IS-IS–to name a few, can bring rise to many questions that need to be answered in order to move forward confidently.  Contact us to make sense out of  how the nodes and data packets work with these mulitple systems and your particular network.

Infrastructure Security

We have experience with the latest, next-generation Cisco security tools including ASA firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), web and email security appliances and data loss prevention designs.

Network Monitoring

Insuring your network is functioning at optimum efficiency is an essential part of system monitoring.  However, being aware of impending overload, crashing servers or devices and other internal threats are all important aspects of your network tomography.  We can help you with your route analytics to insure your downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

We’ve worked with many WAN service providers over the past decade.  Whether your needs are for a network to reach extensive geographical distances, or your technology needs to facilitate higher bandwidth applications via a backbone traversing a significant business campus, contact us to insure your system is the optimum configuration for your system requirements.

Need Something More Specific?

I offer many more services and can assist you with figuring out specifically what you need in case you’re not sure.  Click the button below to find out more.



After a discussion with my client, I attempt to relate their pain points back in simple networking related issues. I then define the process I recommend to go forward, either to ameliorate any problems that may exist, or to enhance and strengthen their current configuration.

Describe Goals

I establish a comprehensive work plan to resolve the problems and fullfil requirements ascertained during the consultation.  This may include repairing and/or replacing hardware components, correcting and improving software deficiencies, installing updates and patches, checking for any needed remapping, and presenting services that will improve functionality throughout the system as a whole.

Execute Work Plan

Upon the client’s full understanding and approval of the proposed work plan, I will execute the necessary repairs, installations and service enhancements to bring the service, network or computer systems to the established specifications.  I will continue to deploy diagnostics and observe any system deficiencies that may present.  I will advise the client of any observations that are currently or may in the future present obstacles to the continued health of the system as a whole. I only take action on shortcomings found subsequent to my agreement with the client after throughly describing the problem and discussing its future ramifications, if any. 

Follow Up

Computers and networks evolve at an incredible rate. In the future, this rate is only going to increase. Maintaining modern standards and protocols for hardware, software and firmware requires diligence and long term commitment. This is why taking care of my clients before during and after service is so important. Moreover, doing everything you can to do the job right, the first time–is the only way you can stay ahead of this incredibly sophisticated business.

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  • Diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve a wide range software, hardware and connectivity issues.
  • Migration of email servers, accounts and services from one domain to another.
  • Improved network capabilities through research and experimentation of cutting edge network technologies, software and hardware.
  • Perform cost analysis of telecomunications and IT infrastructure.
  • Compiled & maintained hardware inventory for vast equipment servers.
  • Researched, analyzed and tested applications and ssytem software for user compatability.


  • BA Degree.
  • Network & Computer Systems Administration.
  • Computer Netowrk Architecture.
  • Information Security Analytics.
  • Computer Systemes Analysis.
  • Database Administration.
  • Information Systems Architecture.
  • Project Planning & Implementation.
  • Cyber Security.
  • Advanced Networking Deployment at Scale.
  • Programming Languages.

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