About Me

Sean Westgate

Hello, I’m Sean Westgate, I’ve been serving Boston’s Computer Service, Information Technology and Networking needs for 30 years.

I’ve been working with computers my entire adult life. My passion for computer science, telecommunications, networks and information services continues to increase as the technology skyrockets in our global information revolution.

I have the necessary experience, skill sets and equipment to take Boston into the future of networking and remote connectivity. As things rapidly change in the social structure, so too will the way we all use computers. Networking from home will become as ubiquitous as it is in the corporate setting.

I love Boston and working with the people of New England, Boston and the surrounding northeast. I’d love the opportunity to work with you, as well.

Boston Based Computer & IT Sepecialist

If you’re located in or near the greater Boston area, the best thing there is to know about me is that I’m the best one to call for your computer services, networking, information technology and web services requirements. I say this because you will get the highest quality service and attention that you can get in Boston, but at a much more reasonable price.



My Vision

For 2020 and beyond, network computing will play an even more crucial role throughout society than it already does.  That’s no small statement, but moving forward the number of people and businesses that will be computing from home is incalculable.  That being said, computer networks in the home will have to be realized on an entirely new and augmented level.

“I believe in communication, clarification, understanding and doing the job right the first time!”



After a discussion with my client, I attempt to relate their pain points back in simple networking related issues. I then define the process I recommend to go forward, either to ameliorate any problems that may exist, or to enhance and strengthen their current configuration.


Describe Goals

I establish a comprehensive work plan to resolve the problems and fullfil requirements ascertained during the consultation.  This may include repairing and/or replacing hardware components, correcting and improving software deficiencies, installing updates and patches, checking for any needed remapping, and presenting services that will improve functionality throughout the system as a whole.


Execute Work Plan

Upon the client’s full understanding and approval of the proposed work plan, I will execute the necessary repairs, installations and service enhancements to bring the service, network or computer systems to the established specifications.  I will continue to deploy diagnostics and observe any system deficiencies that may present.  I will advise the client of any observations that are currently or may in the future present obstacles to the continued health of the system as a whole. I only take action on shortcomings found subsequent to my agreement with the client after throughly describing the problem and discussing its future ramifications, if any. 


Follow Up

Computers and networks evolve at an incredible rate. In the future, this rate is only going to increase. Maintaining modern standards and protocols for hardware, software and firmware requires diligence and long term commitment. This is why taking care of my clients before during and after service is so important. Moreover, doing everything you can to do the job right, the first time–is the only way you can stay ahead of this incredibly sophisticated business.

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Years of Experience

Independent Projects

Team Projects

Corporate Experience

  • Diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve a wide range of software, hardware and connectivity issues.
  • Migration of email servers, accounts and services from one domain to another.
  • Improved network capabilities through research and experimentation of cutting edge network technologies, software and hardware.
  • Perform cost analysis of telecomunications and IT infrastructure.
  • Compiled & maintained hardware inventory for vast equipment servers.
  • Researched, analyzed and tested applications and ssytem software for user compatability.


  • BA Degree.
  • Network & Computer Systems Administration.
  • Computer Netowrk Architecture.
  • Information Security Analytics.
  • Computer Systemes Analysis.
  • Database Administration.
  • Information Systems Architecture.
  • Large Project Planning & Implementation.
  • Cyber Security.
  • Advanced Networking Deployment at Scale.
  • Programming Languages.

Computer Service & Networking Support

Keeping your online world running smoothly requires a multitude of skills and specialities. From mail servers, wireless technology, bridges & routers, to web design & development, data storage, collaborative systems and security. For a full list of my services, click the button below.