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Infrastructure Security

Also known as physical layer 1, network infrastructure is made up of any interconnected devices on your business’s premises and within your network that are designed to transport any communications necessary for applications, data, services and multimedia.


There has been a lot of focus lately on endpoint encryption. However, internal threats via network infrastructure vulnerability should not be overlooked. Your own clients, customers or shareholders will not care whether the infiltration came from outside criminals due to internal factors in the case of an intrusion that results in a data compromise… rather, they will likely ask a simple question: Did you do everything possible to secure the network infrastructure?


Over the years and given the massive influx of cyber intrusions, IT leaders sometimes may find themselves de-prioritizing these important considerations due to lack of time, budget and human resources. You don’t want your security to fall victim to a service provider with this mindset.


Westgate Networks has experience with the latest, next-generation Cisco security tools including ASA firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), web and email security appliances and data loss prevention designs.