What a Few People Had to Say

There is never anything more satisfying to hear than customers telling me they are happy with my service, and would recommend me to their friends.


Additionally, many of my customers have been coming back year after year, and that sends a pretty strong message.


I’m incredibly grateful to all my satisfied customers and the trust they have in my service.  For a list of my services, tap the button below.



My first encounter with Westgate Networks was in 2009 when I started a very small computer repair business in Brighton.  I felt silly in the beginning calling for help with such a simple thing as getting my computer router from Comcast to hook up to the internet.  Sean was incredibly helpful and never made me feel bad about the simplicity of my problem.  Over the years my business has grown significantly.  I finally have a pretty extensive “network” and Westgate Networks has kept my entire infrastructure, wireless connectivity, email and mobile systems growing and running smoothly, for about 10 years now.

Bradley McNichols

Brighton, MA

It’s been a real pleasure working with Westgate Networks for several years now.  I think it was around 2014 when my very poorly setup network really began to fall apart.  When Sean arrived at my business he found a network barely running and in need of many upgraded components.  The system was a real mess, and Sean spent many hours and days just trying to get the mess worked out.  In what was to me a remarkably quick time-frame my system was complete, and running beautifully.  Sean has serviced my system and kept everything stress-free, in a very professional manner, for many years now.  I highly recommend Westgate Networks, and have sent many of my friends and clients his way.

Larry Davidson

Roxbury, MA

I had a pretty unique problem for quite a while that I didn’t even know I needed a network specialist for.  To make a long story shot, my business emails were so messed up I couldn’t depend on sending or receiving them most of the time.  When Sean arrived to take care of my email problem, he discovered and explained how I needed a server (network) so my employees could communicate with not only me, but the outside world, as well.  I went full speed ahead with that idea, and could not have been more pleased with the outcome.  The added benefit of my files, projects and backups all being online and safe, has been a blessing.  I recommend Westgate Networks for just about anything, I’ve never called about a problem they couldn’t solve.

Miles Richardson

Boston, MA

Even though I took a lot of computer science in college, when it came to networking I was pretty lost.  A friend of mine who owned a Mac & PC laptop repair service gave me the number for Westgate Networks and told me he was local and very good.  My problems weren’t significant, I just needed the desktop computers in my salon all networked and the email system connected remotely to my wireless phone.  Sean had everything figured out, hooked up and working in less than two days.  I can’t recommend him enough.

Elizabeth George

Jamaica Plain, MA

About three or four years ago I purchased a small business from a friend of my father’s who passed away.  The place was in pretty good shape, but it looked like there had possibly been some homemade attempt to network 4 computers in the building.  They weren’t connected and it was a terrible mess.  I got Westgate Networks’ phone number from the father of one of my son’s friends at his high school.  He told me Sean had actually done a lot of the networking for the school administration.  I introduced my mess of a computer system to Sean early on a Tuesday.  By the end of the week he had the entire system rewired, using mostly the existing equipment.  He even hooked up a few services I didn’t know I had and took care of my email.  I might also mention I had called three other places who gave me a quote without even coming out and looking.  Sean at Westgate Networks was less than half the cost of the next cheapest quote.  I sincerely recommend Westgate, the quality and professionalism is impressive.

Derrick Hendrix

East Boston, MA

Westgate Networks was the 4th company I hired to fix a router and bridge problem that had shut down our entire business.  My husband and I own a business that essentially comes to a complete halt if our network experiences any issues that last more than a few hours.  I was at my wits end because the 3rd company I had out to repair the problem, over the span of a week, kept telling me all the previous attempts to correct the problem had been made worse by the last company.  I had no idea what to do next so instead of calling another local business I contacted one from Boston, Westgate Networks.  All I can do here is sing the praises of Westgate, especially Sean, the owner.  He was so nice and understanding, and amazingly figured out the entire problem in less than an hour.  By the end of the first and only day he was out here, everything was better than new.  Westgate is exceptional for networks!

Tracy Hadley

Newburyport, MA